On my list: Quo Bronzer

    I was coming home from the gym today and realized I needed to pick up a few things from Shoppers Drug Mart (you know dish soap and stuff) but I really hate going past the cosmetics section because I always get side tracked and what should have been a 5 minute errand turned into 30 minutes! I especially like all the pretty gift sets and packages that some brands are putting together for the upcoming holiday season. Quo is an exclusive brand to Shoppers and I have to say I really like their products. I have used eye shadows, lip glosses and even make up brushes from Quo and I thought they were great. Today however my heart fluttered when I saw their neat bronzer, not only was the packaging pretty, it was gorgeous! and then when I opened the tester sample I saw that the actual bronzer looked like a leopard print!! OMG to die for!!

    But this is where my story gets sad, I tried the tester (on my hand, I don't like using opened products on my face, you never know) and loved it, so I looked in the display slot behind the tester and there was one left! Yay right? Wrong...there was a single piece of masking tape on the front cover to seal it. This makes it obvious to me that it had been opened and the staff just put tape over it to make it sellable again! So I got curious and decided to take a look inside (the tape didn't exactly work) and when I looked inside some smart person had smudged the entire leopard pattern, plus did I mention that it was open and looked used, yuk! It looked like another tester, it was in bad shape.The cosmetician informed me that this location had no more in stock. So I have to hit up another location and see if I can get my hands on this baby.

    On a side note: I am really anal about beauty products. For instance if I see that a package has no safety seal (you know the clear ones, not the masking tape variety! HA!) I will never buy them. I mean, you are putting this stuff on your skin, face and near your eyes and mouth. Plus, I have this thing... I never buy the very first package behind the tester, I always pull from the middle. Having worked in retail several years ago I know that the stuff people touch and carry around the store then leave at the cash gets put at the back of the displays and yes the front as well.

    But on a happier note I am going on a hunt tomorrow for the bronzer, wish me luck!

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