Inspiration on a Wednesday

    Yup, it's raining again where I live! So this puts a "damper" on backyard plans (pun intended), but at least I can stay in and get inspired. The only upside? the forecast says sunshine for tomorrow!

I wish

    I can wish can't I? Although I haven't quite finished with my shed because it's been raining all week, I have spent a lot of time indoors looking at some amazing inspiration pictures and I can only hope my shed turns out as nice. I also found a great picture that documents the building phase and completion of a shed from start to finish which I thought was neat! At this point I think my shed looks like the 9th inset picture below but I hope to be done soon enough.

Fun Projects via MS

    I get antsy when I am not doing something, and projects are a great way to stay busy. I found some cute and inexpensive projects to work on as well as some great inspiration photos over at
    Martha Stewart, enjoy!

Storage space

    Hey everyone!! hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer's so far. My summer has gone by fast, especially because I've been hard at work on the backyard reno; so here it is some updates: I have the fence up, and now onto the shed/garage. First came the frame of the shed and then the plywood and a new window. Soon I'll have the shingles and siding all done, as well as a metal exterior door, can't wait!

Follow me

    I know there are a lot of you who read and click on WALLPAPER daily and I would like to take the time to thank you all for your great comments and support! If you have the time and feel you would like to follow me just click on "Follow this blog" to show your support! Hope to see you all soon.


    I love to find great vintage pieces and just re-vamp them to make them lovely enough to put back in your home. So when I came across this stylish lamp base I knew I had to have it! When the price tag said $6.99 I knew it was mine!

    Stay tuned for a future project involving Mr.Lamp, although when I am done with him he might be a Mrs. Lamp.


    I just love the dollar store. you can find so many great things, here's what I found at mine:

    -some blank greeting cards in silver (you never know when you are going to need them) $1
    - 2 jam jars ( for a future project)$2
    - 2 ink pads for stamping with my french rubber stamps (stamps were already mine) $2
    - some black trimmed labels $1
    - 3 packs of blue paper lanterns (for outdoor parties to add whimsy)$3
    - a galvanized steel bucket (to hold cold drinks for outdoor parties)$2

    Total for the day: $11, not bad at all.

Pier 1

    I know I promised completed fence pictures... however my camera needs to be charged so instead, to hold you over, I will give you what I have on my wishlist for my backyard dining accessories. I may even be able to use them soon enough but first I have to complete the backyard reno and of course head over to Pier 1 and buy all this neat stuff!

Pretty spaces

    I am exhausted, literally from all the work on the yard and I am not even done! So I needed some eye candy to make me feel better, some pretty table settings.

    I thought I would include a picture of the fence with the lattice up as well, check it out...stay tuned for the doors, they will be up later today and I will post them tomorrow.

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