The flowers are in full bloom

    I know, I know I am going to stop making excuses about being busy, as you all can see from my lack of posts that I have been a lousy blogger! But to be honest business is doing well, and this takes up all my time...don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier or more grateful!! I have a few craft fairs and markets that I will be at this summer as well, and I can't wait to share all the pictures and info with you guys. I hope some of you can even pass by, a lot of them are in the Toronto area, so all my fellow T. dot residents I am talking to you. I will update you all here about dates!! Very excited!!

    Another thing that has been growing around here aside from business are my plants, my garden is really filling out...with blooms, and some weeds as well...oops! Time to de-weed, any tips? I still need to plant a few but overall I am truly enjoying all the pretty flowers. Enjoy the pics and your weekends, I will be off for a few days as I am celebrating my 26th birthday this weekend!!

    my vegetable garden

    the view from my deck! Love it!

Great Scented Soap for Father's day...

    Lather & Soak has these great new Anise Star round soaps scented with fig and bayrum! oh the sweet scent of the barber shop. I can always remember that signature bayrum smell whenever I'd see my grandfather. These would be great for Father's day :)

    I'm off to visit family so enjoy your weekend! And Happy Father's day to all the great dad's!

In Bloom and Bows

    My sis (Patti) for any new readers, recently decided to "re-do" the front yard landscaping, so here is just a small sneak peek at what we've done so far, more to come later, so stay tuned!

    look who was playing around in the garden...Jenny!

    I swear she poses for me!
    yawn in the lawn
    Jenny also got a new haircut, and the pet groomer couldn't resist the bows!
    too cute!

Ever heard of ABBOTT?

    Has anyone ever heard of Abbott? they are a giftware and home decor wholesaler, I found them while searching the web one day and although I think you need to own a business to buy their stuff they do have a catalogue of really nice stuff. I have even sometimes seen their stuff at HomeSense! Here are a few of their things that caught my eye...

    skeleton key napkin rings, too cute!

    camel tea pot, yup I want it!

    gold tinted, seashell decor


    I have some DIY projects planned for the summer, and I have ordered some fabric from Tonic Living and I can't wait for them to arrive! Don't you all just love pretty fabric, it makes me giddy! Here are all the different yardages I ordered for separate projects...

    I fell in love with this one! it's called night and day tea house

    a staple...chevron black and white

    this is so whimsical, it was a "new arrival"

    garden trellis another design I already have the black!

    Another great print! new to Tonic as well

WHAT I LIKE: Urban Outfitters

    Here are just a few of my fav's from Urban Outfitters:

    this zebra rug is actually cotton!
    accordion side table, yup want it!
    this mustache mug is too fun!
    phrenology birthday is just around the corner
    ...friends....can you read this please!
    I need one of these for those lazy days when
    I need to put an outfit together but I can't be bothered to try them on.
    neat astrology hand jewelry stand
    twin goldfish bowl, for serving, storing and everything else

Olivia Palermo's apartment

    If you know me you understand what a huge fan I am of Olivia Palermo's style and fashion sense ( check out my fashion blog Vida Moda to see what I mean). So it was no surprise that I also love her NYC apartment, check it out:

    I am so jealous of this closet!

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