2 reasons why...

    I've been MIA lately:

    1. I just celebrated my birthday on June 27th and decided to go camping with my man for the weekend!

    2. My backyard is going through a major renovation, I am in the process of completely tearing everything out, as the previous owner did no upkeep on the yard;there were weeds as tall as me!

    I won't be done right away but I will post pictures along the way to show everyone my progress...

Neutral is my favourite colour

    Yes I know that it isn't a colour but if it were I am sure that neutral would be mine! I just love the beige, taupe's, grey's, crisp whites and all the colours found in nature. What I love even more then neutral tones is when they are used in stunning table settings for summer time. All of these lovely table settings both indoor and outdoor bring me back to my childhood, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy...awww...honestly though, there is something completely innocent and pure and utterly romantic about these pretty pictures and I hope that they can make you all feel the same way!

Road Trip

    Don't you just ever feel like taking a road trip dressed to the nines, just you, your designer luggage, your pooch and your taffeta skirt! Yeah me too...

Design to Inspire Mondays

    I've been sick...yup off for over 4 days, and this gave me a lot of time to think. Think I did...I thought about how lovely it would be to have some pictures every monday to inspire. So here they are Canadian designer Andrew Pike's lovely home courtesy of Canadian House & Home.

All the pretty flowers

    I recently acquired this lovely centre piece from my mother who won it at a wedding she attended...I just thought it was elegant, simple and understated with all the tone on tone varieties of hydrangeas and roses. I am so lucky, lovely fresh flowers for moi!

Put a stamp on it

    I love crafty ideas, but I like them even more when they consist of one Canadian designer Deb Nelson and her great thrifty ideas for creating your own thank you cards. Deb has been featured on a little CBC show called Steven and Chris (which is now in hiatus) where she teaches us how to decorate on a dime, she`s all about the sales!

    When I saw these beautiful cards she had made I just knew I had to have them, so I searched online and found the makers of the stamp kit (http://www.cavallini.com/) and ordered it ASAP. I will soon be on my way to making my own lovely cards, once the postman gets here!

    Here is the link so check her out : http://www.debnelsondesign.com/blog/?p=475

Meet Jenny

    Since my last post revealed some things about my life, I thought we've all grown close enough that you should all meet Jenny. Jenny is my amazing, adorable and loveable dog. She is a Jack Russell and Cocker Spaniel mix and she is 11 years young!!

Things you may not know about me...

    As an ode to my fellow bloggers "Just Beachy" and " SweDaisySpaces" who both recently posted about themselves I too am going to follow suit. Here it is folks:

    1.I am a home body, I often prefer a night in, instead of a night out.
    2. I am very indecisive, in fact I prefer all of my tough decisions to be made for me!
    3. I have quite an extensive DVD collection, and it is still growing.
    4. I have been in 1 serious long term relationship all my life, and I am still with the lucky guy ;)
    5. I don't like pretentious people, what a waste of time, just be yourself or people who impose on others
    6. I always play the devil's advocate
    7. The Notebook has got to be my favourite romantic movie ever!!
    8. I don't eat red meat regularly, I prefer fish
    9. I hate large crowds, or busy malls and grocery stores, they make me anxious
    10. I love old classic jazz music, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald etc,
    11. I love old musicals, Singing in the rain and An American in Paris are some of my favs
    12. I have a major crush on Gene Kelly and I have for most of my life
    13. I have excellent rhythm and I can pick up any style of dance easily
    14. I enjoy baking, it's relaxing for me
    15. I love to spray paint everything!!
    16. I am currently writing a book
    17. I prefer summer over winter
    18. I love to travel, anywhere, any time
    19. I am Greek
    20. I hate talking on the phone, I prefer to meet up for coffee or lunch and catch up
    21. I hate the taste of vodka, it burns!
    22. I was raised by a single parent
    23. I have one sibling...a sister
    24. As for the Pepsi or Coke debate... I prefer Pepsi
    25. I love Indian food
    26. I enjoy blogging, and I use it as a creative outlet, I have connected with some lovely people!
    27. On June 27th I will be 25 years old! I know...can you believe it!

Vote for me!

In an ideal world...

    I would just love to live in a New York Brownstone, or maybe a Soho loft, heck a lovely Paris flat and hire Emma Jane Pilkington to decorate it!! Here's what she did with Ivanka Trump's apartment:

Remember me...

    Remember the Amy Butler designer paper that I bought a few posts back (http://estetisk.blogspot.com/2009/02/amy-butler.html), well I wanted to show everyone how I used it.
    I bought some silver ikea frames and used the vibrant peacock Amy Butler print by placing them in the frames as art, to create a vingette in my entrance way...what do you think?


    I decided to venture out today to find some deals. I had no idea if I was going to find any, but I knew I at least had to try, because everything lately is on sale, or clearance and I needed to give my purse strings a break!

    In the US you guys have a store called HomeGoods and our equivalent over here in Canada is HomeSense, a discount home store so I went there and found some napkin rings and some printed napkins and I also went to Value Village where I scored an Asian inspired plant pot and finally Zellers where I found some more place mats of which I already owned 4 and decided I needed 4 more!

    The real kicker is how much I spent, or rather how much I didn't, here is the break down:

    1. plant pot- $2.99

    2. 4 place mats-$ 6.00

    3. 4 napkins-$ 5.00

    4. 4 napkin rings $4.00

    Grand total= $17.99

    YAY under $20 dollars!!

    Pretty good for the day, now I just have to throw a dinner party to use all my new stuff :)

The Updates...

    As you can tell from my previous post I've added a few things to the dining room...a new round beveled edge mirror to balance out the large rectangular sideboard. I thought that a darker colour for the mirror was a good idea since the sideboard is an ivory light colour;this helps create that great contrast that designer's always preach about.

    I also added in these great Asian inspired rattan Chippendale arm chairs. They were a great find on Kijiji, and with a new coat of spray paint and some lovely new fabric...voila, instant shabby chic!

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