Before & After

    Okay so here is the long story about my sideboard and how I came to acquire it. Let me preface this post by explaining that I had ordered my dining table from crate and barrel and had ordered the matching sideboard. The table arrived and it was in great condition however the sideboard was badly damaged, peeling stain ( I did not even know stain could peel!) and large scratches and dents. The C&B people were more than accommodating and shipped me a new one, however that was also damaged...of course they sent out another and well you guessed it also in bad shape! So I kept the table ( I love it`s classic lines) and then returned the sideboard, I just think that it was not meant to be, I mean how many times can something come damaged, it was definitely a sign!

    So months passed and my lovely table was all alone, when by chance I was browsing on Kijiji and found this beauty!! The seller needed to sell it ASAP, and so I got it under $100, I could see it`s potential. And after a long days work and well really months of patient waiting as kismet would have it I finally got my sideboard and my table finally got it`s mate!

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