Beauty Bag: Christine, Just Bella

    Hello wallpaper readers! I'm Christine from Just Bella and I'm excited to share some makeup goodies today. For as long as I can remember, I always loved digging through my mom's makeup drawer. So many colours and brushes - it was like painting! So I was pretty excited when the day I was allowed to wear makeup finally came and I've been having fun with it ever since! I'm a pretty simple day to day kinda girl but, like I always tell my husband, if I can take a long time to get ready, I WILL.

    Here's a little peek into my makeup drawer...

    1) MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and Select Moisturecover concealer. A good friend of mine works at MAC so I've got a lot of MAC goodies in my collection. I love just going in there and letting her tell me what to wear! easy peasy!

    2) MAC "Paint" in Bare Canvas. I don't use this every day but when you want your eyeshadow to stay put this primer is the best! And a little goes a long way, I've had this baby for almost a year!

    3) This is my newest product, Benefit Speed Brow (you can see it in the photo hiding behind my eyelash curler). Totally not necessary but makes my brows feel tamed and "pretty". I've got some wimpy eyebrows on the edges and sometimes they need a little filler. You can get it at Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart.

    4) I've got a huge selection of eye shadows, but it seems I always end up wearing the same ones! I have to say my all-time fave is MAC's "jest". It's the perfect all round colour and goes with everything!

    5) This is my all-time, can't-live-without product - mascara! I'm all about the classic Maybelline Great Lash. You can get these babies at the drugstore for like 2 for $7.00, can't beat that!

    6) And finish off with a little rouge!! My current fave is Mac powder blush "Mocha".

    I've also got a ton of lip glosses, but they're always floating around and getting lost at the bottom of my purse! Hope you enjoyed a little peak into my makeup drawer! Thanks for thinking of me, Liz! I always love reading what goodies everyone else has in their arsenal and was thrilled to be able to share mine too! Happy painting, ladies!

    the beautiful Christine all dolled up!

    p.s. the photo is of me on my wedding day... excited about getting married (and the pretty makeup in my hand ; )

    Thanks to Christine of Just Bella for sharing with us! I love all her products because I am a sucker for MAC

My Halloween 2010

    I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween this year! Mine was very fun filled, lots of laughs, lots of candy and cocktails and great friends! As promised here is a look at my costume and some of my night...

    p.s. I had only my point and shoot camera for the night, so please excuse the lack of high quality shots

    what a poser!

    my friend the streaker! yes I had to black out the lower region, trust me it was TMI

    great friends having fun!

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Happy Halloween: Scary Decor

    As some of you regular readers know I threw a Halloween bash at my place last year and I went all out! This year I am headed to a party and although I am not decking my place out again aside from a few pumpkins some cobwebs, and a bowl of candy I can still share last years pics with all my lovely readers and wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

    painted glitter pumpkins

    DIY bloody candles


    graveyard hand cake! this was a hit with guests

    spooky cocktails rimmed with coloured sugar, gummy worms and eyeballs and fun wine labels

    sideboard decor

    even the tv got spookified

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