Know Your Antiques

    I went on a recent visit to my grandparents house and what a lucky duck I was, my grandfather gifted me this neat old book! Now I have no excuse when I go antique shopping, there is a ton of great information in here. Plus it's another great one to add to my growing collection. I also got these cute petal compotes from a bridal shower I recently attended (they are part of a set of two) which were filled with lots of candies and sweets as the theme of the shower was candy, and as you can see the compote is now empty... so you get the idea! I guess it's been a very SWEET week for me!

Milk & Cookies

    Made some yummy homemade oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies and washed them down with a glass of lactose free milk (yuppers I am lactose intolerant), and even got to try out my new striped straws!

    fun striped straws {here}

Beauty Bag: Nancy, Marcus Design

    Hello lovely Wallpaper readers!! I'm really excited to be part of the Beauty Bag series, a big thank you Liz for counting me in!

    I can recall being fascinated with makeup from a young age ... does any one remember those dolls that you could put under hot water and makeup would magically appear on their faces? I loved those dolls :) Since makeup doesn't magically appear on me, my Beauty Bag is brimming with goodies {a girl never can have too many products!} Here are a few of the things I just can't live without:

    1. Purminerals Radiance Blush - leaves the softest touch of pink, perfection!

    2. Covergirl Lashblast Volume {in Very Black} - My lashes are nearly non-existent. This mascara truly solves my problem.

    3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - This stuff not only comes in a cool looking bottle, it literally is MAGIC! My eyelids tend to get oily and I end up looking like a racoon at the end of the day. This primer seriously keeps everything where it should be!!

    4. Bare Escentuals Brush Kit - I have brushes in all shapes and sizes, having the right tools for the job is key!

    5. Mac Lipglass {in Lychee Luxe} - This is my go-to summer color, the coral hue works perfectly with a golden tan, which I am currently trying to extend as long as I can :)

    6. Mac Pro Longwear Lipcolor {in Night Rose} - Best lipcolor. EVER. It really stays on all day no matter what you do. They call it Longwear for a reason!

    And the one beauty product that I can't live without??

    bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation. It's pure mineral goodness that is light and absorbs oils during the day. I can't walk out the door without it! I hope you enjoyed my must-have list.

    Thanks to the lovely and talented Nancy of Marcus Design for sharing her beauty bag of goodies with us! #3 on her list has definitely peaked my interest, I too hate it when my eyeshadow turns oily and it begins to feel more like eye shadow cream, so this eyeshadow primer sounds great!

Guess who?

    Want to play another game of guess who? You guys were all shocked by the last game {here}so I bet you guys can't guess where these home furnishings come from...

    hint: this place is cost effective
    see if you can guess first, then take a peek to see if you were right...
    answer {here}

Fall Inspired Decor

    Since it is officially the Fall season I wanted to share some fall inspired pictures. The fall season reminds me of rustic woods, deep chocolate browns, burnt orange, rich burgundy, yellow umbers and olive greens. All  of these images make me think of comfort, warmth and curling up on a cool fall night in front of a cracklin' fire with a cashmere throw and a mug of chai tea.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    {all images via Pottery Barn}


    I have an obsession with owls, okay I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest! I have my new brass owl bottle opener {here} and my thrift store painted oil {here} and now I can add my new paperweight owl to my growing owl collection. I found this super cute paper weight online at Sassydoggs etsy shop. What do you think, is my owl collection getting out of hand? either way I love them all.

Do It Yourself

    Here is a rather fun Halloween DIY that I am dying to try! Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps made a spooky black candelabra!! head over {here} for the full tutorial.

    Sandra took this and made it into...


    images via {here}

    The talented Sandra also made these scary skull candle holders! check out the instructions {here}

    can't wait to start decorating for Halloween!! not yet though!

Beauty Bag: Renee, Eat.Live.Shop

    Hi Wallpaper readers, I'm Renee from Eat.Live.Shop. and I was stoked when Liz asked me to be a part of her Beauty Bag series!

    I have a pretty basic mix of products in my make-up bag that range from higher end projects to drug store products. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my make-up and believe if it ain't broke why fix it? I tend to stick to the same products over and over again and become heart broken if they become discontinued which sadly does happen from time to time. Here's whats in my make-up bag for my everyday look:

    Make-up brushes - I use 4 brushes everyday which are an eyebrow brush, a concealer brush, a blush brush and a powder brush. I'm a sucker for super soft brushes!

    Blush - I only like to use Nars blush and my favourite colour is Orgasm.

    Concealer - I like using Benefit's Erase Paste concealer because I find that it lasts all day long and is great at covering up dark under eye circles.

    Brow Powder - I love using Anastasia's brow powder in brunette. Brow powder gives a bit of definition to your brows and really helps frame your eyes.

    Highlighter - Benefit's High Beam highlighter is great for giving you that fresh bright look. I dab a little bit on the inside corners of my eyes and along the bridge of my nose. I'm running low on this product but it lasted me two years!

    Mascara - Mascara how I love you oh so much! What would I do without you? I really like using any of the Maybelline mascaras and right now I'm digging the Define-a-Lash in very black.

    Foundation - Foundation tends to last me a long time because I only use a tiny amount of it and oddly apply it with my fingers which works really well! I really like Revlon's ColourStay Active foundation which also has a SPF 25.

    Lip Gloss - I have a huge obsession with lip gloss and I only like to use products that are smooth and silky. No sticky lip glosses for me thanks! I'm in absolute love with Fresh's Lip Sugar in rose. It has an amazing scent and stains your lips a subtle pink colour with a touch of shine.

    Thanks so much to the beautiful and talented Renee from Eat.Live.Shop. for sharing her beauty products with us and for all the great information. I love that she mixes high and low price points in her beauty bag; from her drug store mascara to her department store Nars blush, because let's be honest we all do! Just cause it's pricey doesn't mean it works or that it's right for you, and vice versa. I love that Renee has some great staples here, all these products are great for everyday!

    I have to run out and get that Nars blush in "orgasm" last time I went to Sephora they were sold out, so I opted for the Nars multiple instead. Trust me ladies this blush is on every magazine's "best beauty sellers list", it's no wonder Renee has it as one of her beauty staples!

    Stay tuned for more beauty bags next week...

Owl + Mints

    Wanted to share my latest Etsy purchase with all of you, isn't it the cutest little thing! a vintage brass owl bottle opener from Portugal I bought her {here} head over to the shop Portuguese Vintage it has plenty of other great things.

    Unrelated to my little bottle opener show and tell... I was at Winners the other day and at checkout came across these pretty looking mints, I thought to myself, these are pretty pricey at $3.49 (that's Winners price by the way!) but they were super cute, and I would much rather pop one of these sassy mints in my mouth then  a stick of gum! Plus they were pomegranate flavour, did I tell you I love all things pomegranate!

    So what's the verdict on my pricey mints you ask? I love them they are super tasty (more like a candy, that can be bad though, cause you end up having way more in a day then you normally would!) and I love that you have to slide the lid to open them, I know this is going to sound strange but they reminded me of the old vintage cigarette holders from the 20's and 40's that super chic leading ladies like Marlene Dietrich used to carry. I don't smoke by the way, but I have a love of all things classic Hollywood, especially old movies, so I was really drawn to the mints when I saw the sliding lid, because each time I open them they make me feel like an old Hollywood movie star!

    {a picture I took of my sister as an old Hollywood starlet with a vintage camera and some fun fashion styling}

    The mints are called Hint Mint if anyone is interested...

    Have a great weekend see you Monday!

Thrift Store Dishes

    I wanted to make a few more cake stands so I decided to check some of my favourite Toronto Thrift shops to see if I could find some real beauties, and I think I did! I love all the delicate pretty details in these plates and dishes and I can't wait to put them together with the bases, stay tuned for the reveals.

In Living Colour

    Look what I get to play with! I just received this pretty Sephora makeup palette with tons of fun and pretty colours to work with. Can't wait for a night out to try these colour combinations!!

Do It Yourself

    This week's DIY comes from Tatertots and Jello on how to make your own serving tray out of some dollar store metal baking trays, mod podge and some drawer pulls. You can find the entire tutorial {here} but why not check out some after pictures right now.

Beauty Bag: Kerry, First Time Fancy

    Hi all! First off, thanks to Liz for thinking of me when asking bloggers to take part in Beauty Bag. I'll admit, I'm not a fancy make up person and tend to buy a lot of drug store brand stuff, but for now it works for me! So here's what's in my make up bag (for daily use anyway...)

    1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation in Soft Beige (why someone would need a 25 hour foundation is beyond me. Didn't think of that until after I purchased it. Really people...)

    2. Cover Girl TruBlend Naturally Luminous Loose Powder in Translucent Medium

    3. Body Shop Cheek Colour no name on the package, but it's a bronzer rather than a blush. I prefer the sun kissed look over the rosy look.

    4. Covergirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara (it's a gel that I use for my brows, you can see the top peeking out of my makeup bag)

    5. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner Blackest Black

    6. Covergirl lash blast length Very Black

    7. MAC Infatuating Rose: 6 Cool Eyes Eye Shadow

    8. Blush brush given to me by B's Mom - great for travelling as it has a lid to protect it

    9. Estee Lauder make-up bag

    One beauty product that I can't live without... is mascara. I already have super long lashes naturally, but once I get a bit of mascara on, it really opens my eyes, and sometimes on weekends it's all that I'll wear.

    Thanks so much to the beautiful Kerry from First Time Fancy  for letting us peek inside her beauty bag! I think I found a few things I may head out and grab, so smart using a clear mascara gel for your brows and I love that Lash Blast Length mascara, hope it gives me long lashes like Kerry!

    Stay tuned for more beauty bag posts from your favourite bloggers...

Etsy: Brass Finds

    I recentlty found some beautiful and quirky vintage brass home accessories on Etsy, although I wanted to buy them all, I realize my wallet wouldn't like that so much! take a look and let me know what you think? Anyone planning to buy?

    via {here}

    via {here}

    via {here}

    via {here}

    via {here}

    via {here}

    via {here}

    via {here}

Guess who?

    Can anyone guess where these beautiful Fall 2010 looks are from? I bet you'll never get it...

    hint: it's pure genius
    see if you can guess first, then take a peek to see if you were right...
    answer {here}

Online Shopping: big cartel

    I love to online shop! To be honest, I really do love to shop online from the comfort of my own couch, but I also don't own a car, crazy right! I know, but I prefer to bike ride when possible and I take public transit. I also let my license expire, so I need to go and get that renewed... so for now or at least until I feel like lugging home 2 giant sized lamps from HomeSense on the bus then I prefer to shop online. I wanted to share some of my new favourite big cartel shops with great one of a kind and vintage pieces. P.s my sister does drive and own a car so thank goodness for that!

    images 1& 2 via {Teaspoon vintage}

    images 3, 4, 5 via {Brook Farm General Store}

    inages 6 & 7 via{LetterboxCo.} 

    images 8 & 9 via {delilah vintage}

    image 10 via {Happy Home}

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