Desk Nook

    Who doesn't love a little nookie...okay now get your minds out of the gutter! I meant a nook, as in a small area devoted to moi, designed with all the things I love, a la fabulous! I was finished upholstering my new chair, and I couldn't find a place for it, so what so you do when you have a fabulous chair dressed in stunning trellis fabric you ask? why you find a space for it! and that is how my little desk nook came to be.


    So I've changed a few small things in my bathroom, I still feel the colour just isn't quite right though...maybe a soft, silvery blue? Until I get the up the nerve to paint again (the paint is only 7 months old) here's what I've added/changed:

    1. New framed photos
    I took these while I was in Aruba and I thought they would be perfect for the bathroom, they have a very peaceful, serene and simplistic quality. I added some mattes that I found at Walmart, and they have a great little black border which really makes the pictures pop!

    2. New accessories
    I found some great bath sponges at Pier 1 and I couldn't resist! They remind me of a cluster of coral, only cheaper! so I added them to my apothecary jars, with my lovely bath bombs from Lush and voila instant update! Also I tried to keep everything in the jars the same colour so they wouldn't compete with each other, the neutrals are always so fresh looking in a bathroom.

    3. Bath soaps, and salts
    For the last touch update, I found some great looking bath products over at Winners and I couldn't stop myself, not only were they less expensive ( I love Winners!) but they are some simple, and I love that they can stand on their own as decorative accessories...also key is that they are neutrals just like my sponges and soaps, so they all work harmoniously together.


    I must admit I do rather think this little idea is great. I was at Walmart like so many nights (open until midnight) and I was looking to buy my sweet pooch some yummy food...and I couldn't resist the aisle with the oh so adorable pet clothes/costumes, they even had baby pup onesies, although I don't know how practical they are! I was admiring all the cute attire, all to small for my Jenny, when I hit the jackpot. I saw these decals that reminded me a lot of a poster I once saw... you know the one, with the crown and words "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" well I actually ordered a poster on Etsy just the other day too. So I couldn't resist these awesome crown decals, sure they are for pooches, but who cares really they are so cute. And then I did what any other sane and practical gal would do, I bought all the crowns! well okay, could you blame me they were 50 cents each!! I got home thought they would look awesome on some bathroom hand towels, and voila, instant shabby chic!

Living Room

    Many of my friends know that I am a huge decorating enthusiast aka an HGTV really I surf the DECOR PAD site at work all the time ( some of you may even recognize my posts, alias cupcakes, and I seem to have HOME DECOR on the brain! My co-workers have officially begun to taunt me about it...they whisper "Home furnishings" and I can't help but turn around. I am currently seeking therapy, and not the apartment kind ;) (devout bloggers will know what I meant by that) but really I thought since I'm on the road to redemption it couldn't hurt to post some pics of my living room in progress!


    Okay so as I am still in the decorating process and I need some help/advice.
    What type of backsplash can anyone suggest for my kitchen?

Paris Chic

    I recently accompanied my boyfriend to Canadian Tire, and although I knew they had several home decor lines including Debbie Travis, I had no clue they carried some uber chic Parisian inspired bath products, including this ultra cute waste bin I picked up. It's a tad small for use in the loo, so I thought my room could use one... you know for all the Visa bills I get and throw away ;)

    BTW... I couldn't help but notice that Wanderluster over at has the matching cup holder to my waste bin...we need to set up a play date!

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