I must admit I do rather think this little idea is great. I was at Walmart like so many nights (open until midnight) and I was looking to buy my sweet pooch some yummy food...and I couldn't resist the aisle with the oh so adorable pet clothes/costumes, they even had baby pup onesies, although I don't know how practical they are! I was admiring all the cute attire, all to small for my Jenny, when I hit the jackpot. I saw these decals that reminded me a lot of a poster I once saw... you know the one, with the crown and words "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" well I actually ordered a poster on Etsy just the other day too. So I couldn't resist these awesome crown decals, sure they are for pooches, but who cares really they are so cute. And then I did what any other sane and practical gal would do, I bought all the crowns! well okay, could you blame me they were 50 cents each!! I got home thought they would look awesome on some bathroom hand towels, and voila, instant shabby chic!

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