The Eclectics part deux

The Eclectics

    Some more great inspiration pics of these amazingly designed and decorated rooms.

The eclectic vibe

    Basically if I had my way, and maybe a little expendable house might look like these fantastic places:

Is anyone out there?

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    I am inspired by all the great things I found over at WEEGO, check them out...


Garden stool

    So the other night I went with the boyfriend to Winners (Canadian based discount store) and while walking the aisles I came across this beaut! I saw the exact same garden stool at Urban Barn last week for $150 and got it for $49 at Winners, I didn't really like the gold metallic colour but an easy spray job will fix that, and the best part is that it will still be cheaper than the Urban Barn one!

    P.S. I just need to wait for the weather to get better!! bungalow's do not provide the best option for ventilation.

With sugar on top...

    I had my cousin over today and we made some cupcakes! Yummy!


    I just received my new bedding in the mail!! Yippy I'm so excited about the black stripes they match my new DIY lamp shade!


    Here are some detailed shots of my vanity lighting. I just love the look of it, appears glass, but they are not, and yet they have a great vintage vibe, and very romantic, timeless and elegant all in one pretty little home depot package!

It's all in the details...

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