Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store...

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Feeling glam and romantic anyone?

Some Glitter & Gold

Beauty Bag: Sarah, White Blossom

    I'm flattered to be included in this series among many wonderful bloggers! I'm not going to lie, my beaty bag is basic. When I received Liz's email asking me to participate my first thought was 'oh I should go out and buy some new products!' But then it wouldn't be my beauty bag and I always love to see how people live their lives and what they are like. My make-up routine is very simple. So here it goes...

    Vichy foundation - I use this every day except in the summer on the weekends (when I have a tan). I love how it evens out my rosy Scottish skin and fools everyone into thinking I have a peaches and cream complexion.

    Benefit Coralista blush - cannot live without it! My grandma taught me and my sisters that we should always wear something on our cheeks and lips. This is an essential item to me. It doesn't have to be this brand or even this colour, but blush is a must! If I don't have any then I'll rub my lip colour on my cheeks.

    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water Light daily face sunscreen - a must for everyone!

    Kiehl's lip balm #1 - love how it makes me feel.

    Kiehls ultra facial cream - it's light and provides the perfect amount of moisture all year round. I love Kiehl's products!

    Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara & the ever important eye lash curler - These two items are my other essential. I can easily go out of the house without eye liner and foundation but I must have my eye lashes curled and mascara on.

    Prescriptives (no longer produced :( ) eye shadow - I use the purple (one colour out of 5 to line my eye with a brush). Purple really brings out my hazel eyes.

    That sums it up. I hope it was helpful and thank you Liz for asking me to participate! :) Have a great day everyone!

    Thanks to the wonderful Sarah of White Blossom for sharing with us!

New Year's Eve!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and now that we are all back let's talk New Year's shall we? So this year my beau and I are heading to a friend's lavish house party for NYE, but if I were throwing my own party I'd love to have mine look like this:

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Merry Christmas!

    I'm off for the next little while celebrating with family and friends. I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Accessories and other stuff...

    Okay I have finished my Christmas shopping, so it's okay that I went and bought myself a few things right?! I am assuming that you are all nodding...good. Then it's also okay to show you some eye candy too right? okay good...

    my new "hand" ring holder

    I love the henna-like design in gold and black

    bought a bunch of these, great stocking stuffers right! see it wasn't all for me!

    bejeweled compact

    this baby is from Quo

    my newest book finally arrived in the mail

    super informative and fun, I highly recommend it

Some Holiday Cheer and 10% off

    As a last minute holiday gift to my lovely readers I've teamed up with the team over at Homesav  to offer you guys a 10% off discount on all Homesav purchases until January 22nd 2011. You just have to use the code "Wallpaper" to enjoy the discount.

    They have amazing new stuff everyday, remember my table I got from them, and take a look at some of the other great deals...

    yes they have beautiful tufted, nailhead trimmed headboards!

    Happy Holidays!

    images via Homesav


    I found this great new pillow shop called HomeCentric their pillows are AMAZING! I need to order some of these babies ASAP!! Tell me you don't one of these to cuddle up with or to just stare at... what a way to add glamour and sparkle to any room :)

    They have way more then what I've listed, plus their shop has colour categories for you, if you are looking for let's say golds or blacks, or purples they are all grouped together so you can find them easier. Head over there, you won't be disappointed.

    hello LOVER!

    my fav, look at the detail work

    mother of pearl embellishments

    this is super unique

    another beauty

    Sparkle and Shine!

Want: Urban Outfitters

    Here are some of my newest wants from Urban Outfitters ...

    I could so see myself lounging on this...

    awesome side table, perfect for stacking books

    all that glitters!

    zebra print, enough said!

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