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    Being a long time follower of Wallpaper, I am very flattered to participate in the Beauty Bag series. Come, take a peek at what I have stored in my bathroom drawer. I am not a huge makeup person but I love Clinique and can't resist Clinique bonus sales, hence the collection of Clinique lipsticks. My favourite ones are in my purse, I can't leave the car without touching up my lipstick. I also love lotion, I have bottles all over the house, just ask my husband! The rest of my beauty bag of tricks comes from the drugstore.

    Let me take you through my daily routine as I glam up for the day.

    {1} In the shower I use Clinique's 7 Day Scrub. This scrub is amazing, makes my skin feels so soft and smooth.

    {2} Next I put on Oil of Olay Complete All-Day Moisturizer with SPF 15

    {3} After I slather on Lubriderm body lotion in Shea&Cocoa Butter

    {4} Herbacin kamille Hand Cream is my go-to all day hand cream. I love this stuff!

    {5} Under my eyes I use L'Oreal Age Perfect eye cream, a girl needs to keep those wrinkles at bay!

    {6} Next I use Cover Girl's neutralizer concealer to hide any dark circles or {gasp} blemishes.

    {7} My favourite eye liner is Physician's Formula eye definer in ultra black

    {8} Using my Revlon eyelash curler I give my very sad eyelashes a lift.

    {9} Next goes on whatever mascara I find on sale, today I have Cover Girl's professional all-in-one mascara in black

    {10} If I am in the mood then I will brush on eyeshadow using my eye shadow brush {11}from Annabelle. My latest favourite is Clinique's colour surge eye shadow quad in various shades of plum.

    {12}Love my Revlon's tweezer to pluck out any stray hairs.

    {13}To help my perfume last longer I use Clinique's Happy Heart body cream.

    {14}A girl can't leave the house without a spritz of perfume, my scent is Clinique's Happy Heart

    {15}Before heading out the door, or leaving my car I apply some lipstick. My latest favourites are Clinique's Angelic moisturizing lipstick and glittery lipgloss in Whisper. Underneath I will use Alba's coconut lip balm to moisturize and condition my lips.

    {16} At the end of the day after I wash my face with Pear's glycerin soap I take my makeup off with Clinique's Take the Day Off make up remover.

    {17} Before moisturizing I use Clinique's Clarifying Lotion.

    {18} & {19) Cotton balls and Q-tips, a must have in every beauty bag, useful for applying and removing makeup.

    {20} I slather on Burt's Bees Hand Salve along with Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Lotion (no photo because a certain 16 year old borrowed it and has yet to return it) before climbing under the covers.

    {21} I am never without my trusty nail trimmer, have them stashed in my car, purse and bathroom! Help keep my nails and cuticles looking tidy.

    {22} After wearing braces for 2 years along with my teenage daughters I LOVE to use floss to keep my pearly whites clean and fresh. I am loving Glide's Deep Clean floss.

    the beautiful Barbara

    It is hard to pick one item I can't live without - hmm.. I would say that I can't live without my mascara but I also can't live without lotion, especially hand lotion.

    Hope you enjoyed peeking into my beauty drawer! Thanks Liz for having me share my stash of beauty goodies!

    Thanks to Barbara from Hodge:Podge  for giving us a peek into your great beauty finds!

    Stay tuned more beauty bags coming up next week...

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