Table= new bench?

    I have had this old antique table that my grandmother gave me for quite some time. I have been looking at it, wondering what it could become.You see, it has met its days, especially because it has lived outside both at my grandmothers and here with me for the past little while. It has been painted and repainted before by grandma's loving hand...but I can't bear to leave it outside for another day, not when it's just so pretty! I mean look at those curves, those legs! Where can you get detail like that these days?

    So I am going to do the impossible and bring it back from the dead and take it from a table to a bench...I will be Dr.Frankenstein!! bwaahaaahaa! Sorry about that...

    Here is what I have planned. Clean it up and then paint it out white. Add foam and batting to the top and reupholster the top with some fabrics I've been sourcing, and finally bring it inside where it belongs.

    So my lovely readers I need your help, I've picked out some fabric samples and would love your opinions, which fabric do you love, and what suits my neutral decor best?

SICK DAY...or is it week?

    Yup, that time of year has come again...I have a sore throat, runny nose, my ears are popping, swollen glands and I am feeling feverish...I am sick. I just barely brought myself to write this, I am taking every antibiotic known to man! Sorry my lovely readers I promise I will be back soon :)

ART work

    As most of you regular readers know my sister Patti is an artist. Our house is full of her pieces and almost every month we switch out some of them with the most current and newest works she's done. Here is a piece that has won her some awards and prestigious mentions in her University's papers as well as being selected to hang in a downtown gallery. It will be replaced (sadly) in a week's time when it goes off to the gallery for one all I can do is enjoy it for now. Interesting fact, my sister is also studying to become a doctor so all of her art features medical subtext and inspirations. Her painting below is actually a zoomed version of an iris (someone's eye) and her print is actually a cross section and zoomed view of blood cells.

    She also does prints as well (last picture shown). Can you tell I am a very proud sister!

    If anyone likes Patti's work you can commission her to do a custom piece for you or pick from her portfolio of work. Just email me.

DIY Laquered box

    I have been doing a little early Spring cleaning. You know, throwing, donating or my favourite of all recycling. I have an idea of what to do if like me, you have tons of boxes, be it shoe boxes or how about those decorative boxes you get when you buy perfume, you know the gift box sets that come as a "bonus" when you buy your regular fragrance or during holiday promotions. My mother had a great little gift box from a perfume she bought and asked if I wanted it (before she was about to toss it out). I quickly saw the great potential of this uber chic little box, that was an eggplant hue.

    I primed and sprayed the box grey. I then taped off the box where I would be adding the white lines and painted them. Last step I let the paint (grey and white lines) completely dry for 1 day and then took some spray laquer finish and gave my tres chich box a high gloss laquer finish.

    I know my box isn't perfect ( you can see some slightly smudged white lines) but I think it turned out great, and I love that I can hide all my papers and stuff away and off my small desk area. The greatest part... it cost me nothing! I had all the paint and next time instead of tossing an old box think of what you can do with it first.

Outdoor Inspiration

    With the great weather we've been having lately in Toronto I have been thinking about furniture for the new deck we built last summer. Come this spring and summer I will be decorating my outdoor living space. I actually need a patio set and lounge set as well as some accessories, an outdoor rug and yes even plate, glasses and cutlery sets (that will come later). So I went online to Pottery Barn and found some inspiration photos. I probably won't be actually purchasing any furniture from PB (a little pricey pour moi) but I have seen similar pieces at Walmart and Home Depot. For now I am just brain storming, trying to figure out colour scheme and all.

    I love the burnt oranges and bright yellows

    This is by far my fav, chic black and white with moroccan inspired lanterns

    I really like the bright blue, very Mediterranean with the lemons

    Calm and serene, pale blue and green palette

    My outdoor living space checklist:
    1.patio set
    2.lounge set
    4.area rug
    5.moroccan lanterns
    6. timer lights for the deck
    7.Industrial outdoor lights for the deck

    I have some more inspiration pictures coming soon...


    Drum roll please... the winner of the iittala Taika plate giveaway from csn stores is:

    Congratulations Anne!! Just email me your mailing info and I will get them shipped out right away.

    Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to stay tuned because I have many more fabulous giveaways coming very soon. Have a great weekend everyone!


    I added a much needed chocolate brown ribbon to the lamp shade in the living room, I love how this small project changes the look of the lamp. It looks dramatic and sophisticated all in one and it really pops against the neutral drapes.

    Anyone ever added trim, ribbon, paint or rearrange things or furniture to make them look brand new and current?

The shelves are up!

    After a lot of measuring, leveling, and drilling the shelves are finally up! I am so pleased with how they turned out. I love that they give me more space to display some of my favourite artwork and knick knacks. Although at first I was going to stagger them... my wall in the desk nook (as I like to call it) is just too short, so lining them up equally made more sense visually.

    What do you all think?

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