DIY Laquered box

    I have been doing a little early Spring cleaning. You know, throwing, donating or my favourite of all recycling. I have an idea of what to do if like me, you have tons of boxes, be it shoe boxes or how about those decorative boxes you get when you buy perfume, you know the gift box sets that come as a "bonus" when you buy your regular fragrance or during holiday promotions. My mother had a great little gift box from a perfume she bought and asked if I wanted it (before she was about to toss it out). I quickly saw the great potential of this uber chic little box, that was an eggplant hue.

    I primed and sprayed the box grey. I then taped off the box where I would be adding the white lines and painted them. Last step I let the paint (grey and white lines) completely dry for 1 day and then took some spray laquer finish and gave my tres chich box a high gloss laquer finish.

    I know my box isn't perfect ( you can see some slightly smudged white lines) but I think it turned out great, and I love that I can hide all my papers and stuff away and off my small desk area. The greatest part... it cost me nothing! I had all the paint and next time instead of tossing an old box think of what you can do with it first.

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