Olive My Love...

    Olive My Love, Cute name right? well that is the shop name of my newest etsy find. You all know how much I love cupcakes and throwing parties... well take a look at these beauties...now you can showcase your yummy cupcakes or any desserts on these Alice in Wonderland inspired vintage tiered cupcake stands from Olive My Love. Wouldn't these just be great for a themed bridal shower or even a birthday party!! These awesome stands can also be used to showcase pretty jewelry!!

    Here is just a bit of the eye candy:

Tomatoe or is it tomato?

    Today I picked some fresh home grown tomatoes, beans and cucumbers from our garden!! I can't wait to eat them. Hope everyone has a great weekend and to my fellow Canadians wishing you a great long weekend!

    and just cause I couldn't resist, my hydrangeas
    I am so tempted to cut one and put it in my new jars...

I'm back...with Jars!

    I've been really busy as you all know with my business Lather & Soak !! I have a lot of great events coming up where our products will be featured, more of that later... I wanted to share with everyone the great new jars I found at my local thrift store. They were super cheap and made in Canada (bonus), and I can't wait to show you all what they look like filled with flowers or a cute votive candle...I'll be back soon, thanks for sticking around :)

    Enjoy ...

    and here are just some of my newest products for Lather & Soak

Ikat for summer nights

    During these great summer months I love to spend time outdoors, that means gardening during the day and enjoying the deck! and as the sun fades I love to go to great outdoor patios in downtown Toronto for dessert, drinks and sometimes dinner. Which gets me to my point, a girl needs a cute summer dress to wear on nights out, with of course some great summer sandals and  a seriously stylish clutch!

    That's where Madeline Weinrib Atelier comes in. I saw these super cute and stunning clutch bags and I thought how great would they look with a great linen skirt or dress and some great gladiator pumps!! The unique ikat design gives it a real african inspired vibe!! SWOON I am in love, but wait it gets better...while drooling, I mean browsing the rest of the site I came across furniture, towels, linens and more!! I have no idea what any of them cost the site does not list prices ( which always means it's out of my price range) but a girl can dream right? Anyway enjoy the eye candy!!

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