So I've changed a few small things in my bathroom, I still feel the colour just isn't quite right though...maybe a soft, silvery blue? Until I get the up the nerve to paint again (the paint is only 7 months old) here's what I've added/changed:

    1. New framed photos
    I took these while I was in Aruba and I thought they would be perfect for the bathroom, they have a very peaceful, serene and simplistic quality. I added some mattes that I found at Walmart, and they have a great little black border which really makes the pictures pop!

    2. New accessories
    I found some great bath sponges at Pier 1 and I couldn't resist! They remind me of a cluster of coral, only cheaper! so I added them to my apothecary jars, with my lovely bath bombs from Lush and voila instant update! Also I tried to keep everything in the jars the same colour so they wouldn't compete with each other, the neutrals are always so fresh looking in a bathroom.

    3. Bath soaps, and salts
    For the last touch update, I found some great looking bath products over at Winners and I couldn't stop myself, not only were they less expensive ( I love Winners!) but they are some simple, and I love that they can stand on their own as decorative accessories...also key is that they are neutrals just like my sponges and soaps, so they all work harmoniously together.

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