Beauty Bag: Tara, the cinnamon post

    I was so flattered when Liz asked me to be a part of this series of posts...and a little nervous. I do not wear a lot of make up, buy a lot of makeup or know how to apply makeup but I do like to try and look pretty so here goes...

    1. bareMInerals Original SPF 15 in light & bareMinerals Mineral Veil. I have said at times that all I've ever wanted in life was to have clear skin. Now I want clear skin and no wrinkles...not a lot to ask for I think. I have loved this foundation / powder from the moment I tried it. It helps me fake the clear skin and wrinkle thing. And they say it is so pure you can wear it to bed...which I may or may not have done before:) When I tried bareMinerals for the first time I bought the kit and I use all of the brushes it came with. The concealer brush is my favourite - I can't live without it!

    2. bareMinerals blush in secret. I think pink cheeks look pretty. And many years ago my University roommate told me to wear I do.

    3. Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette - yeux et levres. Eye and Lip colours from the queen of natural looking makeup. This is a little old if I can admit. I purchased it during a low point after my second child. The beautiful makeup girl recommended it and I wanted to look like her. I do like that if you moisten a super-flat eyeliner brush the dark brown eyeshadow can double as eyeliner...for when hubby and I have a date night. And the pink lip glosses are really pretty.

    4. Tokyo Milk Bon Bon LipBalm No. 093 Sweet Cream. I bought this purely for the packaging. It was on sale at Anthro and makes me feel kissable.

    5. Mojo Spa Just Nude Lipstick Honey Balm. I found this little balm at a funky store/spa in Chicago. It was such a memorable trip...and I think of it every time I slide open the cute little container (again it's all about the packaging with me!). It is handmade and has just a hint of pink colour. Pretty with a capital p.

    Pretty with a capital "P", blogger Tara from the cinnamon post

    The only other thing I wear regularly is black. I go with whatever is on sale at the drug store as I try and replace it frequently.

    Thank you Liz for thinking of me and letting me post here today on your gorgeous blog!

    Thanks so much to the beautiful and talented Tara from The cinnamon post for taking part in beauty bag and letting us all see her great beauty choices! I have to admit myself, that I too have bought makeup purely for the packaging and now I feel better to know I am not alone ;)

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