I decided to venture out today to find some deals. I had no idea if I was going to find any, but I knew I at least had to try, because everything lately is on sale, or clearance and I needed to give my purse strings a break!

    In the US you guys have a store called HomeGoods and our equivalent over here in Canada is HomeSense, a discount home store so I went there and found some napkin rings and some printed napkins and I also went to Value Village where I scored an Asian inspired plant pot and finally Zellers where I found some more place mats of which I already owned 4 and decided I needed 4 more!

    The real kicker is how much I spent, or rather how much I didn't, here is the break down:

    1. plant pot- $2.99

    2. 4 place mats-$ 6.00

    3. 4 napkins-$ 5.00

    4. 4 napkin rings $4.00

    Grand total= $17.99

    YAY under $20 dollars!!

    Pretty good for the day, now I just have to throw a dinner party to use all my new stuff :)

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