Things you may not know about me...

    As an ode to my fellow bloggers "Just Beachy" and " SweDaisySpaces" who both recently posted about themselves I too am going to follow suit. Here it is folks:

    1.I am a home body, I often prefer a night in, instead of a night out.
    2. I am very indecisive, in fact I prefer all of my tough decisions to be made for me!
    3. I have quite an extensive DVD collection, and it is still growing.
    4. I have been in 1 serious long term relationship all my life, and I am still with the lucky guy ;)
    5. I don't like pretentious people, what a waste of time, just be yourself or people who impose on others
    6. I always play the devil's advocate
    7. The Notebook has got to be my favourite romantic movie ever!!
    8. I don't eat red meat regularly, I prefer fish
    9. I hate large crowds, or busy malls and grocery stores, they make me anxious
    10. I love old classic jazz music, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald etc,
    11. I love old musicals, Singing in the rain and An American in Paris are some of my favs
    12. I have a major crush on Gene Kelly and I have for most of my life
    13. I have excellent rhythm and I can pick up any style of dance easily
    14. I enjoy baking, it's relaxing for me
    15. I love to spray paint everything!!
    16. I am currently writing a book
    17. I prefer summer over winter
    18. I love to travel, anywhere, any time
    19. I am Greek
    20. I hate talking on the phone, I prefer to meet up for coffee or lunch and catch up
    21. I hate the taste of vodka, it burns!
    22. I was raised by a single parent
    23. I have one sibling...a sister
    24. As for the Pepsi or Coke debate... I prefer Pepsi
    25. I love Indian food
    26. I enjoy blogging, and I use it as a creative outlet, I have connected with some lovely people!
    27. On June 27th I will be 25 years old! I know...can you believe it!

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