Beauty Bag: Lisa: Swe Daisy Spaces

    This is Lisa's beauty bag you can find her over at Swe Daisy Spaces

    1. Facial cleansing cloths Great for a quick removal and refresh.
    Lise Watier, Solution Express 3 in 1
    Face, Eyes & Lips

    2. Moisturizer My complexion scars very easy, and those scars darken with the sun. I was once told moisturizer was the key to young beautiful skin. It helps slow the aging process. So a moisturizer with SPF was the way to go. For a girl with oily skin, moisturizer is my close friend.
    Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30

    3. Foundation I'm always looking for a better foundation. I used to be a devoted MAC studio fix girl, but I found if I didn't scrub my makeup off each night I would break out. Let's be honest, some of us don't always get that time at night to really take care of our selves. I've also found that liquid foundation always reflected the flash in pictures and my face looked 4 shades too light for my neck. After reading the other Beauty Bags here, I actually went into Shoppers and asked for a demo on Bare Minerals and left the store with their starter kit. Its super easy to apply, comes with the proper tools and I find it absorbs the oils throughout the day. This might soon be my go to product.
    Bare Minerals, Medium Tan
    SPF 15
    Full Flawless Face Brush

    4. Blush I read about this one in a fashion magazine (I think it was Lou Lou) I love the colour and I find it has just the right amount of sparkle to it without making me look like a disco ball.
    Nars, Orgasm

    5. Eyeshadow My sister used to be a makeup artist on the Dior counter and she gave me a few samples. I love the coverage of the Dior shadows. Others are too heavy and some don't seem to leave any colour on my lids. I saw on Cityline that a multi pack of shadows was always a better option. It gives you versatility and options.
    Christian Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow - No 210 Exceptional

    6. Mascara Even though my sis worked at Dior, she recommended this mascara years ago and it's never left my side. Just the right amount of fullness for me without looking too heavy.
    Lancome Hypnose, Black

    7. Eyeliner Bought with the above.
    Lancome, Black Ebony

    8. Lips
    Everyday Funny story, on occasion I do in home paint colour consultations (I have a college diploma in Interior Design). One day on the way to a clients house I was early and realized I had left my lipgloss at home. I popped into the Zellers and found this lipgloss. I've been told coral looks good on me so I grabbed it. I don't think it plumps my lips, but it does tingle and most importantly doesn't feel thick and sticky.
    Rimmel Volume Booster, Scandal

    Dress I got these three when I did a makeover a few years ago. I love the colour of the lipgloss (even though it's a bit sticky) and find the pencil to be a great match to my lips. I reserve the use of these three products for more fancy occasions or when I go to work. My husband doesn't like a lot of product on my lips. In fact if I'm wearing anything other than my lipcare from germany, he won't kiss me.

    the lovely Lisa

    9. MAC lip pencil, Whirl

    10. MAC lipstick, Underplay

    11. MAC lipgloss, Nymphette

    *Side note* I get my lipcare from Germany. My aunt or cousin usually bring me back some. I find it moisturizes and keeps my lips from being chapped. I haven't been able to find one I like that I can buy here. 9 times out of 10 this is what is on my lips.

    One beauty product that I can't live without... Would have to be my mascara. If I only have time for my foundation and mascara, I'm okay to leave the house. I find it really makes my eyes pop and seem more awake (being a new mom I need all the help I can get)

    Thanks to Lisa for sharing with us! Lisa mentioned above in her post that she: "actually changed [her] foundation to Bare Minerals because of all the great reviews it got in the series". I love to hear great feedback like this and this is the main reason I wanted to start a series like beauty bag, so we can all share and learn from eachother when it comes to beauty, on what works and what doesn't!

    Stay tuned there will be another great beauty bag next week!

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