Books,Bowls and Ballet Flats

    You fabulous regular readers of this blog, know that I love books and that I have quite an extensive collection from my University days as a Lit major!! I never ever throw out books...I have donated some and given others away to friends, honestly what am I going to do with a Geology book? (it was a distribution credit okay, don't judge!) However, lately I've been collecting great photography books and coffee table books that I can pull out for inspiration whenever I please.

    So take a look at some of the newbies I've added to my collection:

    added: The Here and Now &  New York Lookbook, both from HomeSense

    added: Metamorphosis also a HomeSense find!
    ballet flats: Old Navy, I couldn't resist!

    added: Taschen's Paris (the large green one) This one came from Chapters online
    1st pic: a beautiful bowl from none other than HomeSense,
    it says made in Japan! cute don't you think?

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