Soap & Chocolate?

    I know weird post title...but I can explain. I just recently opened a new business, and since I don't make chocolate, well I guess you can conclude from the title I've gone into the soap making business.

    It all started when my sister Patti mentioned how much the soap we regularly use in our home was always bothering her. We changed the soap, several times but still her skin seemed to be sensitive to the overly drying generic and name brand soaps.

    I do buy a lot of LUSH products because well to be honest I love them (as does my sister) but to be honest they are pretty pricey...I once payed over $30 for a large block of "Honey I washed the kids", which by the way lasted a little over a week!

    So my next idea was to research, and research I did. I found out how to make my own soaps, this way I knew exactly what was going into them and I didn't have to pay ridiculous retail prices!

    So I wanted to share my new endeavour with everyone and share some pics of some of my products.

    My shop is called Lather & Soak and can be found here I would love for you all to head over and check it out. I also carry organic soap products.

    This one is called "Chilli Chocolat"

    oatmeal and lavender

    green tea and goats milk

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