Potted Plants and Lanterns

    I have added some things to the deck oasis (as I like to call it). I bought some potted plants for a Miami/tropical vibe and Patti bought a large outdoor lantern for the table (it has a very Hampton's vibe). 

    I am still not very sure about an umbrella back here. The reason is because the backyard gets a lot of shade due to a rather large maple tree whose branches ever so strategically sway above the deck; so I needed something for the centre of the table to cover the umbrella hole enter lantern! and I can't wait for warm summer nights to light up an oversized candle and put it to use.

    There are still lots of things that need to be done. You may have noticed the deck is missing railings for the stairs, which has to get done soon don't want guests to fall! I also would love to stain the deck, but I believe for pressure treated wood you have to wait a year or two. The standing lantern in the background by the potted plant is actually an old lamp (gifted to me) which works fine, so I sprayed it last year in black and use it for the night, however I am not sure if I really like it will all the new furntire. And the pots themselves may be temporary until I spy some that I like, I know HomeSense has some around this time of year. I want to add some flowers to the lounge area table, maybe when my hydrangeas start to come in! Obviously I still need lighting...maybe an outdoor rug...

    But despite all the to-do's I really really love spending days out here reading and relaxing and I guess I have all summer to add more accessories. I really also like that once I have a BBQ there is plenty of seating for everyone or at least 12 people for now. Speaking of seating you may have noticed I removed the cushion backs from the lounge set, I think it makes it look more expensive and lounge-y.

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