Beauty Bag: Janice, Life begins at thirty ,right?

    Hey everyone! I'm so "chuffed" (as my mother-in-law would say) to be a part of this great Beauty Bag segment on Liz's blog! It is actually kind of funny - I buy a lot of makeup and beauty products, but I actually don't use that many on a day to day basis. I have a few old favourites, but generally I go in cycles where one product gets everyday use, and then gets put away when something new comes along! I'm so fickle :-)
    Anyways - since it would take forever to see ALL of the stuff (or "junk", as my husband would say), I put together a bag of what I've been using these days for your viewing pleasure.

     And a quick peek inside...

     And here is everything all together:

    #1 - Wonderbar! Have you heard of this? It is a teeny tiny bar of soap that is like a miracle worker! Basically, you pay a lot of money for a small, hotel sized bar of soap and you use it like a mask. Lather, rub on face, let dry (while you are brushing your teeth or something), and then rinse off. Finish up with some basic moisturizer and voila!  If you read the reviews, you'll see this little bar has been known to drastically change troubled skin and even heal scars.

    #2 - "Hello Flawless" by Benefit in Fair Ivory (yes, I'm super white) - this is a pressed powder that I recently picked up at Shoppers Drug Mart. I have melasma on my forehead (like clusters of freckles) that I don't love, so I use this to cover it up. Gives me coverage without feeling like a ghost.  Plus I can use it just on my trouble areas and it blends with the rest of my skin.

    #3 Laura Mercier "Caviar" Eye Liner - this stuff is the greatest!! It is an eyeliner you put on with a thin, angled brush. Add a little water, make a little paste, and put it on UNDER your eyelashes. This is called "tightlining" for the newbies out there. Basically, you line the part of your eyelid where the eyelashes hit your lid - here is a video for those of you who are interested

    #4 - Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Violet Ink - I use this when I don't use #3 - it is a gel eyeliner that you put on with a brush so I find that it is gentler on my eyes than other eyeliners.

    #5 - Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Crystal Eye Palette - I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift from a good friend and the colours are so fun!  You can go more subtle for work and then do it up a bit when you go out. PLUS it comes with a little brush (not one of those sponge applicators that usually stink) - so it feels very high end :-)

    #6 Nars Blush in Orgasm - I swear I was the last person to hear about this blush. Colour works on almost any skin tone and has a slight shimmer to it which I love.
    And finally...

    #7 - Diorshow Mascara - I know everyone says there is no difference between expensive and 'cheap' mascaras - but I fully see one! I love this mascara - no clumps, keeps my lashes long and natural looking while still making them stand out a bit more. I've tried going cheaper, but haven't loved any as much as this!

    The one beauty product I can't live without: My Dr. Pepper Smackers lip gloss!! I don't have a photo of it because it is always in my pocket, but it is the perfect combo of moisturizer, protection and slight colour.  Plus it smells great! Hubs says it doesn't taste the best, but I think it is perfect :-)

    Anyhoo - that's about it! There are some other items that make into the rotation once in a while, but this is what is hot right now :-)

    Thanks Liz, for including me in this fun blog series!!  I love reading about other bloggers' beauty bags and I feel pretty special to be a part of it!

    Thanks again to the wonderful Janice of Life begins at thirty, right? for sharing with us.

    I've been trying to round up more participants for the beauty bag series for 2011, if you think you might be interested or know anyone that might be, please send me an email, thanks :)

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