What's new...DIY lamp shade

    With the cold weather still looming I can't quite set up shop and spray paint to my hearts content...which to be quite honest sucks! I am going through spray painting withdrawal and my projects are all on the back burner. As a way to supress my craft cravings I resorted to painting with yup you guessed it acrylics!

    I wanted a reading floor lamp in my room by my reading chair. I made several trips to HomeSense but hadn't quite found what I was looking for (altough I did pick up a great new mirror which you can see in the after pictures). I went online shopping, I did find a few things I liked but they were way out of my price range.

    I was feeling hopeless when I remembered that I had this old Ikea floor lamp in off white that had been gifted to me. Off I went with my black acrylic paint and here is the result:

    Here is the original lamp
    My new black lamp shade DIY style

    My new mirror

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