DIY corkboard frames

    Lately I have been writing notes to myself, you know notes that consist of shopping lists, future goals, New Year's resolutions and even some inpirational pictures. I am a writer so I have to constantly write things down. The problem is I have officially filled my planner and journal and have taken to writing on random things like take out menus and even the plain white envelope that my visa bill comes in! So I knew I needed to get a corkboard made and fast.

    I decided to go with G (my man) to Walmart where I picked up 2 cork frames for $5 bucks each. I bought some black grosgrain ribbon and the rest (cardstock, white paint, hot glue) I had.

    While I would love to say how super fast and easy it was to make, I would be lying. I found that the frames I bought were like shiny veneer so I had to prime them and paint them like 10 times ( okay maybe more like 7) before the paint would really cover the frames. So if you plan this sort of project I would suggest a frame that is unfinished because it would have saved me a lot of time and paint for that matter!

    But from this point, after the paint had dried the process went smoothly. I had some Martha Stewart cardstock which went well with the greeny/blue accent colour in my room and I added the black grosgrain with hot glue inside the inner frame, banged some nails into the wall, and ta da! instant inspiration board.

    I know it looks rather sparse but I will be adding to it daily :)

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