DIY chalkboard frames

    Okay so as promised my DIY chalkboard frames. I actually had these frames, they were a faux brass colour ( sorry I forgot to take a before shot) but trust me they were ugly, I mean the colour, the frame itself was pretty nice. They originally had pictures in them, I think one was a jug with fruit and the other was a basket of fruit...don't ask! They are my sister's I think she may have used them for her art projects, still life portraits...who knows!

    So they also came with glass in them. I know a lot of other bloggers out there have done similar projects with old antique frames...initially I was going to go and get some plywood cut to the size of my frame, but then I realized that the existing glass fit it perfectly, so why not use what you already have, right?

    So off to Walmart for: chalkboard spray paint, packs of chalk and glass and wood adhesive for the backing of the frame.

    The rest is pretty self explanatory ( but if you have any questions about the process, just message me) here is the result:

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