Support art

    About a little over a month ago my sister (Patti) hosted her first annual art fundraiser at Toronto East General Hospital to raise money for the hospital's patient care and wellness centre. While my sister is studying to become a doctor she also has quite a talent for art. She has been painting, drawing, printmaking and creating art for as long as I've known her. A lot of her artwork adorns our home. I am a very proud sister and thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase her work, as well as my good friends Miranda and Davena (artists as well). Let's all support our local artists.

    Patti's artwork was also featured at NIMDAC Heart and Stroke foundation's live auction, where a lot of money was raised to support this great cause.

    My friend Miranda's prints

    Davena's resin piece

    Asian jinx dolls (handmade)

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