Anthropologie...and a grumpy old man

    I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope you all remembered to enter the giveaway.

    Today was a fun day for me. My good friend Miranda and I went for lunch to discuss our future career plans and look at snazzy business cards online. After sushi (yummy) we headed to a cafe that was wi-fi enabled. More fun ensues via the photo booth on her MAC...until some strange man sitting next to us says: "Do you think you can keep it down, I really am trying to focus on what I am writing and I can hear your entire conversation!"

    Well excuse me but I thought cafe's were for coffee and conversation, if buddy needed to concentrate in silence then maybe he should have gone to a library and not a coffee shop! Just sayin'.

    After "the incident" yes I will call it this from now on, we strolled the streets of the Danforth , picked up some aromatic tea over at Dash Kitchen and then headed over to Don Mills Centre for some shopping.

    Here in Toronto the first Anthropologie store has opened so my uber talented and lovely friend Miranda and I headed over to check it out. We had lots of silly fun, Miranda took tons of great pics...I still can't seem to get my camera to work the way she can, she takes such great pics, when I take pics they look like crapola, I need a tutorial pronto chica!

    Anyway here's what I got:
    -2 black and white knobs
    -2 blue and bronze knobs
    -another Cavallini stamp set called "Birds & Nests"
    -And a monogrammed mug with the letter "E"

    Overall it was a lovely day.

    My mug

    The stamp kit

    Anchors aweigh

    Love the large bird

    hand painted plates

    bird seed

    Colouring books

    lots of lamps

    me looking around

    tons of unique hardware

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